Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry

as well as patients’ lives, providing function and life-like esthetics where teeth are missing.

Whether you are missing a back tooth or front tooth, dental implants are an option for replacement of your missing tooth. Even if you are currently wearing a denture or partial, dental implants can help!  An entire jaw of missing teeth can be replaced with as little as 4-5 dental implants!

When choosing a doctor to have your dental implants placed, ask about the dental implant system that will be used.  We use only dental implants that have at least 20 years of clinical documentation. There are over 500 different implant companies worldwide, and not every one of them has a good track record!  The following videos show dental implants with a poor design that separate with chewing forces, as well as a dental implant that does not separate under the same forces.

YoutubeDental Implant PlacementBad Dental ImplantGood Dental Implant

Have you been told
that you don’t have enough bone for a dental implant?

If so, Dr.  Waite can help!  Dr. Waite has training in many different types of bone grafts, including sinus augmentation, non-invasive sinus grafting, block bone grafting, ridge augmentation, and socket preservation.  Almost all types of deficiencies can be corrected with innovative techniques designed to replace your missing tooth!

Our office also utilizes Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for diagnosis and treatment-planning of dental implants.  This is a non-invasive method of determining how much bone is available for dental implant placement, and allows us to plan your dental implant treatment before any incisions are even made.  Dental implant guides can even be made that snap onto the adjacent teeth that allow for dental implant placement without any incisions or stitches!  By using the Sirona® Orthophos XG 3D system, we are able to coordinate dental implant placement precisely and accurately with your restorative dentist to achieve the most natural, esthetic and functional results possible!

When it comes time to restore your dental implant, we utilize the latest technology to have the base of the implant tooth (or “abutment”) custom made for you.


Which one is the implant?

These tooth-colored abutments allow for a strong, natural-looking tooth for your dental implant