Do you want to complete your orthodontic treatment in one half to one third of the time that it normally takes?

Dr. Waite is specially trained in Wilckodontics®, a procedure designed to activate your bone to have teeth move much more quickly during traditional (brackets) and Invisalign® treatment! Many orthodontic issues can be treated in less time, with the assistance of an orthodontist, such as crooked teeth, jaw misalignment, and other types of malocclusions.

Wilckodontics®  is a perfect solution for busy professionals, adolescents that want to complete their orthodontic care over the summer, or anyone who doesn’t want to be in braces that long!

Before: Right upper jaw is crooked and too much bone is present.
After: The upper jaw has a cant that has been corrected through the Wilckodontics procedure in only 6 months!